A Modern Garden Style for 2019 And Beyond

There are many varied garden styles to choose from when thinking of having a new garden designed.

In design terms, “style” refers to the way materials, plants, colours and ornaments are organised to create a garden composition that can easily be understood and appreciated. Styles range from formal to informal with many sub categories in-between which include cottage, wildlife, Mediterranean, urban and rooftop.

The  Modern/Architectural style is certainly a popular request. This style has sharp, clean lines throughout, both horizontally and vertically and has strong geometry. The surfaces used in this style are usually smooth and polished, and floor areas tend to be of large stone slabs with jointing less prominent. Decking is also used but with a clean, highly coloured or stained look. Cut stones cubes or spheres can be used as focal points throughout the design and raised planting beds, sometimes with seating benches incorporated into them help to form the main structure of the design.

Planting has less maintenance and is based on an evergreen framework for year-round form and interest, such as box balls and low clipped hedging. Perennial planting in tranquil colours of whites, pinks and purples is used in blocks of identical plant and colour in squares and rectangles. A few trees are planted as a specimen focal point and a line of pleached trees to mask the view from neighbouring properties allow space beneath for planting.

Falling/trickling water or still reflective pools are important for this style, with water features sometimes utilising polished metal, glass or steel. A modern pavilion or outside room is frequently incorporated, complete with modern styled furniture for dining and relaxation. Hidden lighting to reflect the smooth surfaces are set into floors and walls to extend the use of the space after dark. Water features and specimen plants are also illuminated for interest.

A high percentage of my clients have requested a modern style design to match their property, either new build or beautifully modernised. I’d be delighted to show you the designs I created.