Get The Timing Right!

I’m frequently asked “when is the best time of year to have a garden designed?”. The simple answer I give is “A garden can be designed at any time of the year, but there are a few things to consider”. The scale and complexity of each garden will then dictate the best time to construct it. But nothing can be built without the fundamental process of the design.

Just like planning a new kitchen or house extension, for most people who consider a garden designer, their garden ‘room’ is often bigger than any of these rooms. A professional designer will take you through the process and advising you on what areas of the project you’d be wise to spend money on and areas where you can save money, helping you from making costly mistakes and actually saving you money.

The garden designer is inherently creative. They will look at your outside space with the eye of a painter before a canvas, or the sculptor with their hunk of rock. The benefits of having your garden professionally designed are also immeasurable in terms of the quality of your space and the pleasure it gives you.

How long will the design process take? Get the timing right! For a medium sized family garden you should allow between two and three months from start to finish. Along the design journey you will have input at every stage to ensure that the finished design ticks every box in your initial aspirations for your outdoor space. At the end of the design process you will have a full masterplan of drawings, visuals, specifications and planting plans needed to progress to the build stage.

So, when is the best time to build a garden? Whilst hard landscaping elements of gardens are built all year round, the best time to get the plants into the ground is during the spring and autumn. Many new gardens are planted during the summer months as long as they are watered constantly to ensure the new plants get established in the warmer weather.

How much time should you allow from initial engagement of a garden designer to finished garden? Again, it depends on the scale and complexity, plus the availability of good landscapers. For a medium sized family garden, I would advise that you allow a timeframe of between six and eight months.

So, if you are hoping that you can start the whole process in March to have a finished garden by the same year’s summer, you will definitely need to rethink the timings.

With the nights starting to draw in and the temperature starting to drop, what could be more exciting than the collaborative process of creating the design of your brand new garden over the next few months, and getting timing right for the garden build in the spring for you to enjoy your brand new creation throughout the summer.