Find Your Garden Problem Solutions

Are you overlooked by a neighbour who has recently added a roof conversion? Is your space so unappealing you have no desire to use it? Does it have an awkward shape or no sun? Is it overgrown and supports very little plant life? Does your garden no longer work due to a recent house extension? Does the garden slope towards the property and offer very little practical useable space?

On the other hand, is your garden dominated by a lawn with thin planting borders around the edge and does not provide the “wow factor” for you? Do you dream of a beautifully designed contemporary garden which works for both relaxation and entertaining friends and family? Perhaps one that includes that outdoor kitchen or hot tub you have always dreamed of?

It can be very daunting when you finally decide that you are ready to confront the challenges that your current outside space may hold. Where to start, who to contact for help with your garden problem solutions and what decisions need to be made and when?

The Solution

Your first port of call is an experienced garden designer who has the skill and experience to transform your garden space into an extraordinary place.

A well-designed garden uses the existing site shape to its advantage, however oddly shaped or challenging it is in terms of size, gradient or orientation. A garden should create focal points, and a journey to a destination. Unattractive views and features should be masked, or the eye diverted by an attractive object in the foreground.

Geometry is the key to any design, should it consist of straight lines or curves or a mixture of both. The garden must have a connection to the property, starting with the shape and size of the building. Views of the garden from within the house are as equally important as views from outside, after all there may be quite a few colder months when you might not venture outside too far but still want to enjoy the beauty of your outdoor room.

High hedging or trees are not necessarily the answer to prevent unwanted eyes into your garden. A structure with a canopy over a seating or dining area also provides that visual barrier from anyone looking down from a first or second storey window.

The Opportunities

When I am approached to assist with garden problem solutions it is very much a collaborative process with the client. Once I understand the problems, requirements and aspirations for the new design, these might present opportunities in the design that have not yet been considered and are welcomed in the discussion.

The exciting collaborative design process has then begun!